6 It All Adds Up photos from universities across the province
Photos (top L-R:) Brock, Western, Waterloo (bottom L-R:) York, Windsor, University of Toronto (Scarborough)

Post-secondary students often report feeling really stressed about their future careers.  They worry that they’re not doing enough–enough to get the programs they want, into the internships and jobs they want, into the careers they want.  In actual fact, they are often doing a lot but haven’t paused to see how It All Adds Up.

In 2014-15, Queen’s University career centre and the Alma Mater Society (AMS) partnered to create the It All Adds Up campaign. The purpose of the campaign was to help students reflect on their activities and interests in and outside the classroom and build understanding and confidence that what they were doing was “adding up”.

Students were encouraged to write what they were doing on a whiteboard/chalkboard and post a picture of themselves with their whiteboard on Instagram using the It All Adds Up hashtag.

It All Adds Up photos from 6 universities across Ontario
Photos (top L-R): Carleton, Brock, Laurier (bottom L-R): McMaster, Queen’s, University of Toronto (Mississauga)

Our students loved it!

  • Wow, this was really helpful!
  • I didn’t realize how much I was already doing!
  • This is an awesome idea!
  • This is such a great thing to do.
  • I feel a lot calmer now!

The campaign was so successful that in 2015-16, It All Adds Up spread across Ontario with 19 other university career centres leading the campaign on their campuses.  In 2016-17, it ran at 43 career centres at post-secondary institutions across Canada (and one in Australia!).

We hope you will run the campaign this year, on your campus!

WONDERING if it’s on your campus?

Contact your school’s career or co-op centre or check our list of participating campus career centres.

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