Reduce Your Stress.  Inform Your Future.

Réduisez votre stress.  Informez votre avenir.
It All Adds Up.

Find Out More
If your career centre would like to find out what’s involved in running the campaign for students at your campus, you can download a recording of the webinar here.  (This will launch Adobe Connect and run the webinar.  You will need sound.  Once launched, click the left side of your screen on the “Presentation” link to hear/see the webinar.)

*Note:  Our apologies.  There was a slight glitch with recording the webinar so my narration stops from minute 15:23 – 16:54 but starts up again without missing any content (although slides are slightly misaligned with speaking from this point forward).

Register Your Campus for 2017-18
You’ve learned about It All Adds Up and now you want to participate?  If you haven’t been a participating school before, please register here. Registering your career centre helps us promote your institution in the shared promotions.  We encourage you to download the toolkit, once you have registered.

NEW to the campaign?  There is a “Welcome to It All Adds Up” webinar that gives a bit more info about the campaign and the toolkit.   A recording is posted on the toolkit page for your review.

We hope you’ll consider It All Adds Up for your campus career centre this year!